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Typical Activities


Group Play:

Singing, dancing, play acting, games, reading, listening to tapes (story and music), circle time


Free Play:

Children have a choice of - blocks, kitchen toys, dolls and accessories, duplos/legos, play sets, Household toys, pull/push toys, art materials, and may watch limited television or video tapes


Dramatic play:

Dress up, role playing, puppetry, etc.


Outdoor play:

(Weather Permitting) Swinging, climbing, riding toys, running, ball playing, gardening toys, trucks, strolling dolls, swimming (please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, if in doubt, dress in layers or bring extra clothes)


Special Days:      

Include Birthdays/holiday parties, getting ready for holidays, and holiday.

Making A Difference


At Village Home Daycare, we believe that each child deserves to grow and learn at his/her own pace. Our responsibility as a home daycare is to provide the tools and the environment that will give every child the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. Children deserve to receive all the support and respect it takes to establish a strong foundation for their future. We do all of this in a safe and nurturing environment that, is both fun and exciting for children.

Making learning fun and exciting is just one of the way we’re able to develop each child's potential.   The other is to focus on the three key educational platforms for children: cognitive, social and physical. Or, as we say at VHD, "learn, play and grow!"  

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